Hacking and Hardening in the Cloud Native Garden

Have you ever wondered how hackers think? What do attackers look for when they approach a cluster, and what security hardening steps can stop them in their tracks? Join Ian Coldwater, Brad Geesaman, Rory McCune, and Duffie Cooley for an AMA panel session. This group of friends and longtime Kubernetes security SMEs bring their unique perspectives and experience with securing, attacking, and deploying cloud native infrastructure to form ”sig-HONK,” an unofficial Special Interest Group focused on changing the way we think about and practice security in distributed systems. How does this group of people come up with ideas as to what to hack next, and how do they go about doing it? What’s all this honking about, anyway? Come learn the answers to these questions and anything else you have in mind. Ask Us Anything!

This panel was delivered at Kubecon NA 2020 and a recording is available here

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