Exploiting a slightly peculiar volume configuration with SIG-Honk

When the hacker crew of geese collectively known as “SIG-Honk” read about a new CVE in the Kubernetes ecosystem affecting the runc project (CVE-2021-30465), they flew into action. With just a few details in the initial advisory notes as guidance, they were able to collaborate and generate a proof-of-concept exploit for Kubernetes, iterate and validate it against multiple types of clusters, and kick off a renewed coordinated disclosure process to help keep users safer. Join Ian Coldwater, Brad Geesaman, Rory McCune, and Duffie Cooley as we bring our expertise and experiences to share the details of our methodology, walk through our approach, and demonstrate the exploit and its effectiveness live on stage. Attendees will learn about the process of exploit development and disclosure, find out how to stay informed about vulnerabilities in open source dependencies that may affect the security of their clusters, and walk away with a new perspective on how to honk.

This talk was delivered at Kubecon NA in 2021, and there’s a recording here

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